Negri Venezia Violin 4/4 WITH GPS BLACK/OLIVE GREEN
Negri Venezia Violin 4/4 WITH GPS BLACK/OLIVE GREEN

Negri Venezia Violin 4/4 WITH GPS BLACK/OLIVE GREEN

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The Venezia violin case is made of a wooden structure protected by a durable and resistant black nylon Cordura cover. The interior is made with the highest quality beige suede velvet micro fiber. It includes 1 large compartment for accessories, special compartment for the shoulder rest, large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets, big rain protection flap, 4 “two- position” bow spinners, high security dual-mechanism lock, backpack straps, side handle, an oversized leather handle and the most advanced protection system by suspension over 3 points. Weight: 2.75 Kg plus GPS tracker


  • 3/5-layer laminate wooden box.
  • Cover made of original black nylon Cordura 500.
  • Large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets.
  • Backpack straps.
  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant metallic components.
  • Big rain protection flap.
  • Welded thick D buckles.
  • High security dual-mechanism lock.
  • Side handle.
  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves).


  • Highest quality beige suede velvet micro fiber interior.
  • 3-points Air Suspension System.
  • Adjustable leather straps to hold the violin neck.
  • 4 “two- position” bow spinners.
  • 1 large compartment for accessories.
  • Special compartment for the shoulder rest.
  • Elegant aluminum pull.
  • Microfiber and silk protective blanket.
  • Hygrometer.

Smart Protection

The Negri GPS System as incorporated into our Venezia and Milano Models.

SMS Anti-Theft Cellular Alert and Monitoring

Motion Sensitive Alarm with Armed Indication

Accidental loss (leaving your instrument on the train or taxi) or, in a worst case scenario, theft is probably a musician’s greatest fear. Not knowing where your instrument is or what could be happening to it is stomach churning.
However, through modern technology, the ability to track your instrument or pin down its exact location in the first few hours could be the difference between recovery or not.
The Negri Venezia Violin case, has been especially adapted to fit the MT90 GPS unit, with pocket to hold the device, as well as modifications to allow un-interrupted signal.
MT90 GPS System with extended Battery life.

GPS & GSM Dual Module tracking

Real time location Query via Pre-paid SIM card allowing phone or text commands to be sent to the device, as well as immediate SMS replies showing real time position to your mobile.
Subscription to, allowing continuous “live” tracking, history, object control
Download the GPSlive App for Iphone or Android to get up to date tracking information and commands sent to and from your mobile.
Set geo-fence, or movement alarm if object leaves last known position.
Low power consumption and long standby time.