Bow rehairs and restorations


At Pro Arte Stringed Instruments we have an on-site workshop, specializing in Bow rehair and bow restoration.  We are also happy to deal with any damage or maintenance to your instruments of course.  All instruments and outfits are set up here at the shop.  We make sure the bridge is properly cut, the soundpost is fine tuned for the best possible sound quality and we offer a wide variety of strings for you to customize your instrument as you desire. No instrument, not even the cheapest ones are just retail. I pride myself in trying to make everything sound to the best of its ability.



If you require any recommendations on the choice of strings, rosins, sound set-up etc. we are more than happy to help you out. 


As a musician I enjoy the challenge to get the most out of any instrument, no matter what its value, so you can concentrate on enjoying the music.


We look forward to meeting you,

Mark Pedus
Luthier at Pro Arte Stringed Instruments