At Pro Arte Stringed Instruments we can provide private violin and viola tuition in the evenings and on Sundays.  To find out about availability and pricing please text me or send me an email.  I do require a parent to be present at all lessons.

Learning to play a string instrument requires consistent dedication from the student, and for children continuing help from the parents as well.  Knowing what you are doing is only a small part of good practice.  It is necessary to build muscle memory by relentless repetition of a well thought through movement.

They say...

But unfortunately that is far from true.  Practice does make permanent, and that goes as well for the bad as the good habits.  It requires concentration, patience and often someone's help to create good habits, but it requires a great deal more work to replace bad habits by good ones. 

To help out any student, and whoever is trying to help them out, I have started recording step by step practice sessions, detailing as good as I am able what to pay attention to and how to achieve the target of each exercise. All exercises are recorded in different speeds to make it easier to work with.

This is a work in progress and I will be tying in the repertoire pieces for ABRSM, Trinity College London and the Suzuki method as they become relevant.  The music for the violin method, which will form the basis for your practice, was composed by Charles de Beriot and Nicolas Laoureux.  Both are out of copyright and available for free to download, making this a completely free course.

My course can not replace a teacher, but is solely for improving the quality of your practice so you can progress faster and build a more relaxed violin technique. Without bad habits, violin or viola isn't that difficult after all...

I hope you enjoy the work I put in and all comments, recommendations and criticisms are happily received.


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