Melos Mini Violin Light/Dark

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MELOS ROSINS are tested to 'function' effectively under any condition, for every single instrument. Especially, violin, viola, cello and bass rosins, are produced in two types, 'light '& 'dark'. The 'light' type is used more in high temperatures (spring or summer), for 'smooth' playing or for solo in chamber music.

The 'dark' type is used more in low temperatures (autumn or winter), for full-tone playing, in an orchestra, or for great solo concerts. One can also choose based on his/her right hands' peculiarities and bow technique.

Specifically for cello, on musicians' demand, we produce MELOS 'sticky' Rosin. This product is softer and bites the strings stronger than MELOS dark Rosin.


Mix it! A powerful effect of MELOS ROSIN
The musician can mix different types of rosins to have the results he/she really wish. For example, a violin player can mix a violin MELOS light or dark rosin with a viola MELOS light or dark rosin.

So, according to the hardness or softness of the cake, using MELOS ROSIN, musicians can have exactly what they really need.
A warm, full, high quality sound.