Eudoxa Cello Set Medium

Eudoxa Cello Set Medium

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The traditional gut core string

  • handmade finest wound and polished gut strings
  • warm, complex and rounded sound
  • low string tension
  • easy response

Eudoxa Cello Strings


  • The sheep gut core of the Eudoxa strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
  • inspirational warm sound with enormous possibilities
  • low string tension
  • Altering the gauge by 1/2 PM changes the tension by 4%.
  • easy response


Tailpiece Options

  • The medium set contains the following strings:
    A aluminum 21
    D silver-aluminum 24
    G silver 26 1/2
    C silver 35
  • The Eudoxa A-string has a ball-end.
  • The D-, G- and C-strings have a knot.



  • Eudoxa strings are manufactured in three gauges in steps of 1/2 PM.
  • Eudoxa is available in 4/4.