Olive Violin Set

Olive Violin Set

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The noble sound

  • finely wound and polished, handmade gut strings
  • brilliant sound
  • a wide range of sound colors

Oliv Violin Strings


  • The sheep gut core of the Oliv strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
  • Musicians such as Ilya Gringolts use Oliv strings as they offer the possibility inchesto explore the remotest corners of sound inches.
  • The sound is brilliant. Oliv strings offer the typical beautiful sound of gut strings.
  • The tone is rich and complex.
  • Altering the gauge by 1/4 PM changes the tension by 3%.
  • The silver D-string is richer in overtones and has easier response than the gold-aluminum which is included in the set.



  • The medium set contains the following strings:
    E-goldsteel medium, A-aluminum 13 1/2,
    D-gold-aluminum 16 3/4,
    G-gold-silver 15 3/4.
  • For further information concerning E-strings please refer to: E-strings.
  • D-silver is available in four gauges.
  • Version Stiff: D- and G-strings have a darker and more powerful sound. For further information please refer to: Oliv-Stiff.


Tailpiece Options

  • Oliv A-, D- and G-strings are manufactured in up to five gauges in steps of 1/4 PM.
  • The Oliv E-goldsteel string is available in soft (0.25mm), medium (0.26mm) and strong/stark (0.27mm).
  • Oliv A-strings have a ball-end,
    D- and G-strings have a knot.
  • The E-strings are available with ball or loop-end.



  • envelope
  • straight
  • Oliv strings are available in 4/4.