Lisa Violin E Stainless 4/4 Soft/Med/Orchestral (Orchestral = Hard)

Lisa Violin E Stainless 4/4 Soft/Med/Orchestral (Orchestral = Hard)

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Introducing Lisa - the revolutionary E string

I am very happy to introduce this new revolutionary E string in the spirit of my grandmother, Lisa. Using a new alloy and a new, patented way of manufacturing the wire we combine high strength with just the right characteristics to make it perfect for string production.

Most Violin E strings are made out of carbon steel wire, either clean or with a coating such as tin plated and gold plated strings. Pure carbon steel strings are sensitive to corrosion and the soft gold and tin plating easily goes off the string after you have played it for a while.

The Lisa stainless steel E string is free from these disadvantages. Stainless steel means immunity to corrosion caused by high humidity or moisture from fingers. This means it can be used in all climates and with all players.

You will feel the perfect surface, and it will stay perfect for the whole lifetime of the string. This would all be worth nothing if it weren't for the excellent dynamic range, the richness in overtones and the great response.

Put Lisa on your violin, get to know her and let her be your partner on your next performance.

Niclas Fröjel
Third generation string maker at Prim Strings

Technical Data Violin 4/4 - 32,5 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Ball/Loop: Removable ball end
Art. No 1201 1211 1221
Gauge: Soft Medium Hard
Colour at ball end: White Grey Black
Colour at peg end: Grey Grey Grey
Tention kg (lbs): 7,1(15,7) 7,8(17,2) 8,6(19,0)