Sinfonica Z-Tec Cello Case 3/4 & 1/2 blue,black & red

Sinfonica Z-Tec Cello Case 3/4 & 1/2 blue,black & red

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The Sinfonica cello case is a vacuum moulded fibreglass hard shell cello case with an internally padded fit and a fully lined interior.

Available with or without wheels and in a choice of 3 different colours

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

The Sinfonica cello cases offer great protection for your cello in addition to offering great manoeuvrability, this is due to the case’s lightweight yet robust fibreglass construction. They also have a useful flip-out handle at the top of the case which is great to use with the wheeled version. There’s also a carrying system which enables you to use the case like a rucksack, carrying it on your back. Another great feature of the Sinfonica case is the internal Hygrometer. The Hygrometer lets you know the humidity in the case so that you can keep your cello in the right climate at all times.

Sinfonica Z-TEC Cello Case Specifications

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Z-Tec Technology
  • Fibreglass Case
  • Robust fibreglass hard cello case.
  • Padded with accessories compartment
  • Metal plate endpin protector
  • Locking system
  • Internal Hygrometer
  • Rucksack carrying system
  • With or without wheels options
  • features a flip-out carriage handle.

Case Weights

Weight: 4.3Kg –Without Wheels

Weight: 4.8Kg –With Wheels