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Our “Master” case comes with extra sturdy canvas and a strong wooden structure, offering reliable protection for your violin, whatever the weather. The 2 large compartments inside offer a wealth of space for safe storage of strings, shoulder rest, mutes, etc.

This case comes as part of the Lemoine Maitre Luthier outfits

Available as full size violin and viola case

Violin case: £ 187.20                     Viola case: £ 187.20

GL Cases:

Exquisite design and attention to detail sets GL Cases apart from any other in their price class.

Features of the leather violin case (Q1V) include:

- Made by hand
- Italian leather exterior
- Soft velvet lining
- Space for 4 bows
- Suspension system
- Bow protection built into the case design
- Adjustable bow spinners
- Water-resistant cover
- Enclosed thermometer and hygrometer
- Weight 3.75 kg

£ 1169.00

Padded wooden cases with strong waterproof canvas.

The sheet music compartment comfortably fits A4 and even B4 sheet music without folding.

Available sizes: 1/16 & 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2,

3/4 & 4/4

This sturdy case comes standard as part of the Avanti, Anton Riegel and Lemoine Etude outfits for violin and viola

Violin case: £ 95                     Viola case: £ 105.30