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Alto Clef, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro

A few years ago I first picked up a viola for a concert I played with Akiko Ishikawa.  We decided we wanted to play the Pasacaglia by Halvorsen …  I found playing the viola was like looking through a magnifying glass at all little tensions you get used to, only now it hurts much sooner.  I started practicing my violin repertoire on the viola from then on, for two reasons:  after learning repertoire on the viola  I was far more relaxed when playing on the violin and I found some issues my students struggled with came from the size of the instrument.  Proportionally a childs violin is far bigger than it is for most adults and I looked and found a lot of solutions to help out my students.

Now the rehearsal room at my shop is finished I really want to get started with doing some practice manuals for violin and viola.  However I do have the problem that I am a complete novice when it comes to film and sound editing. Also I only ever played violin repertoire on the viola, so here is my challenge for this and probably the next few months.  I am going to learn the 6 cello suites from Bach on the viola, record them and bit by bit experiment with both Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro.  I will try to keep you informed on what changes I made and what the consequences of those changes are.

As my first video I am posting an unedited play through of the first suite after a week’s practice in my free time.  There is a small cut before the 3rd movement already as I started that movement way too slow.  Have a look, and all advice/criticism is more than welcome.